Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Update

The month of March has been a busy one - a month of adventures - and a month of many lessons.
This month I am just barely getting my newsletter out in time! Last week a doctor who regularly visits HAFF was here and we were busy with clinics. Earlier this month I was able to briefly see two Atlanta friends - one working in Port-Au-Prince came North to the Central Plateau and another led a short-term team of college students to Bohoc. These reunions were true blessings from God. Due to visa issues I also needed to cross over to the Dominican Republic for an overnight trip - so I had a much need "mini-vacation". God fed my soul over and over again this month - - and I am so grateful. 

March began with a testing period for our students. I coordinated with our Haitian English teacher to prepare the exam for our 11th graders - and did my best to make sure they were prepared. Currently the students are on break through Easter, but when they return in April we will hit the ground running again. This break from school made time for a few other things. Carla WIlson and I are working very hard to produce everything we need to get a new school partnership program off the ground. I look forward to sharing more about this program with you soon!

In addition to teaching and helping with writing projects here at HAFF  - we are continually seeking the Lord's will in what other projects I should be involved with. Several ideas have come and gone but God has not opened those doors yet. After being in the classroom with 11th and 12th graders I discovered I needed to learn more about their educational background to better serve them.  The Wilsons and I decided that for a couple hours on Monday mornings I would spend time visiting primary schools. We have several in the area, and HAFF's students usually come from these schools. In addition to understanding the life of my Haitian students better, hopefully these visits will serve our Primary Teacher Training Program. This program helps teachers to understand and apply the national curriculum, methodology, and how to integrate Biblical principles into their lessons. It is my hope that I can apply my knowledge of child development and preschool education in this program. All primary schools offer at least two years of preschool and these teachers are usually the least trained. I hope to help them create a better learning environment where children are empowered and learn to love school. In April, we also hope to integrate a visiting team into our primary school program. I believe exciting students about school early, is one of the best ways we can bring change to the education system in Haiti. Please pray for how God would have this unfold and the best ways to present new information to eager teachers.

As Spring approaches (although it feels like early Summer here in Haiti), things will continue to pick-up speed. I'll do my best to update my blog with all the newest information. Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Happy Easter & God Bless,

"You are looking for for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here."

Prayer Requests
For Me: 
- Guidance in how I should be used in the primary school program
- Strong relationships with the high schoolers I teach, particularly breaking down the walls of some of the girls
- Comfort in being away from family & friends - and making new friends here
- Continued prayer for language learning

- For God to raise up more financial support this year
- Wisdom for the Executive Committee in decision making
- Each member of our Executive Committee as they balance a commitment to HAFF and personal responsibilities
- The spiritual lives of our teachers and students at IPB

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