Friday, November 2, 2012

Muffin Mix

Muffin Mix. 
This morning I woke up thinking, I need to buy that "just add water" muffin mix to take to Haiti. And probably some pasta...I need to make (another) list. 

I started thinking these things, because two days ago,  I got a phone call. A phone call I have waited on for two years. The voice on the other end said, you can go to Haiti. Long-term. You CAN GO. Buy a ticket, pack your bags, this is it. 

I didn't run to the airport right at that moment...though I thought about it (and have every moment since). I will be leaving within the month though! My dad's surgery is scheduled for November 16th, just a week before Thanksgiving. I'll stay home and spend the holiday with my family and head to Haiti sometime between November 23rd-December 13th. I haven't booked a flight yet because I need to decide if I am flying commercial or with a missionary flight organization. 

I would love your prayers during this crazy time! 

  • Pray that I would decide on the right travel plans to get me (& my stuff) to Haiti. 
  • Pray that I would decide on the right health insurance. 
  • Pray that the rest of my funding would come in, I'm very close but not 100% just yet. 
  • Pray that my family would adjust to this change.
  • Pray that God would prepare my heart for what He has for me in this season. 
Thank you all for your support, I will continue to keep you updated!

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