Saturday, February 25, 2012


What is God trying to show me? What is He giving me a glimpse of?

When I am grounded enough to approach my days and moments with these questions, I know God teaches me more. I find myself in one of those moments now. My heart is clouded with unrest. Unfulfilled possibilities are rolling around and my heart is beating with uncertainty. I was wondering what God was giving me a glimpse of, what is He teaching me?

Then, as He always does, He showed me.

It turns out, that yesterday, the Haitian Prime Minister, resigned. In a country that lives in a state of turmoil, this is a huge setback. I will not pretend to understand Haitian politics. I also prefer to learn from actual Haitians, they give you the real story. I do know, that this move represents conflict and unrest among parliament and the president's office. Any unrest, is to much for Haiti to bear, she is fragile.

I am fragile. But like Haiti, I am hopeful. Hope defines Haiti. There is a strength in that rubble that is unmatched. Jesus is alive in Haiti despite the unrest that the coming weeks will bring. Jesus is alive in me. No turmoil or uncertainty can change that.

If I were a country, I would want to be Haiti. Beautiful, broken, ragged, imperfect, messy, dusty, wild, hopeful and fiercely loved. No scars or flaws match the redemption of Jesus. He makes beautiful things.

So, I move along. I am full of joy and hope, but my heart is dragging and that is ok. He is with me. He is with Haiti. His glory is bigger and His love is stronger.

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