Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The promises of God will always be fulfilled. When I taught in the children's ministry at Brook Hills, we taught the children to stand on and believe the promises of God like our lives depended on it, but somehow I still take that for granted.

My friend Emily, is heading to Haiti too and I know her heart and my own run many parallels. She wrote me about missing Haiti, how it can feel like your heart is missing. Emily is so wise and I am so lucky to have her in my life. When Emily struggled with missing Haiti, the Lord showed her an incredible parallel in scripture. God himself was separated from his son for 33 years. Thirty-three years. God yearned and ached for Jesus to be with Him, but God knew the promise He had made to send a redeemer. God endured heartbreak, for us. The hurt I feel does not even compare.

God endured pain because He made a promise. Scripture is filled with promises and each one, is fulfilled. People are fed, babies are born, a Savior comes and is crucified, we are redeemed. God's promises stand forever, they are guaranteed. I must believe Him, I have all the evidence. God has never let me down before, not on a true promise, from Him.

God promised me Haiti, the desire in my heart is from Him, for Him. He promised me that He would provide. God promised these things and they will be fulfilled. I can endure the heartbreak, He knows one far greater. Not only that, but my heartbreak, the time I have to wait, is a mere blink in His plan.

So today, I relish in the chance to grow closer to God, to understand His heart, because now I can better share His heart.

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  1. Such a beautiful honest post! I cant wait to hear how God uses you in Haiti!