Monday, June 25, 2012

the trouble with love

"I think it's about starting conversations about our differences in thinking."

I jotted this sentence down, while on a Haiti related phone call recently. The problem that missionaries and aid organizations run into so often is a difference in thinking. This complication stretches far and wide, there have been many books written about this issue. We want to love, we want to hep, this is simple, yes? No. The way other cultures view love and acts of kindness is different.  I am worried about running into this problem. I will run into this problem. To help prepare I will read the books, I will continue to familiarize myself with Haitian culture, but I must pray. I must not forget about Jesus. He can prepare my heart to make the right moves and have the right reactions. He will prepare the Haitians. I believe that when I am in Haiti (that part itself is still hard to believe most days) the Lord will open up opportunities for a young American girl and a community of Haitians to have conversations that are open, loving and understanding. Our ways of thinking are so different, but with our eyes set on Jesus, we are bound to end up in the right place, together.

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