Monday, September 10, 2012


After hours of travel, three time zones and six thousand feet of elevation, I am in Colorado. 

I said a hard goodbye to Atlanta and flew to Dallas. Thankfully, in Dallas the Lord graciously put a Starbucks right at my gate, it was a necessity. I arrived in Colorado Springs around 1pm (MST) and was shuttled off to Mission Trainting International (MTI) with a group of fellow wide-eyed almost-missionaries. 

It didn't take long for me to realize that I was among friends. 
These are my people. We've all spent months support raising, quit our jobs, left friends & family, our lives in boxes. The MTI staff referred to us as "homeless" accurate description. 

Different countries, different languages, vastly different stories. 
One goal, to serve Jesus where He has put our heart. 

Here, the amounts don't matter and the time frame isn't questioned. Of course we're going to Haiti or Kenya or Japan, why wouldn't we? 
We are holding onto everything we have in order to follow Jesus, and for a few weeks, we get to do it together. This is Christ centered community at its finest and I feel intensely blessed to be here. 

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