Monday, September 24, 2012


We navigated switchback after switchback, void of guardrails, ascending above the timberline of green and yellow aspens. I tried to pray. I tried to thank God for such a glory filled sabbath. I tried to bask in each moment, breathing in the blessings. I actually thought we might drive up into heaven.

14,110 feet up, we did not drive into heaven. Instead we drove up into joy, snow, hot chocolate and adventure.  At the top of Pikes Peak, I thought I would find an otherwise unreachable intimacy with God. I could not find the words though, I had no epic prayer. I couldn't focus as I looked down on other mountain tops, on roads barely visible. All I could muster was "wow." 

All I felt was my smallness. 

What a gift. The simple, but overwhelming joy of feeling small and saying "wow." God requires nothing else from us in these moments, just to see how big He is and what He can do.

In the midst of a season of learning, preparing and becoming tethered to God, He simply taught me to say "wow." My joy in Him is not complicated, it is simple and still overwhelming - leaving me more satisfied than I thought possible. 

Simple. Overwhelming. Joy. 

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