Wednesday, September 5, 2012

l’Institut Pratique de Bohoc

When my feet again land on Haitian soil I know God will show me within seconds all the work He has done. All the stories He is telling. I cannot wait for the chance to share with you what God is doing in Haiti. I can tell you now what God has already done in Haiti and through HAFF. 

One of HAFF's largest programs is The Bohoc Training Institute (BTI) or l’Institut Pratique de Bohoc. 

The school hosts grades 7-13 and has over 280 students. For almost 30 years BTI has served Bohoc and the surrounding communities. The campus consists of seven school buildings, a school kitchen providing a meal for each student four days per week, a library/resource room and a gazebo which is often used as an outdoor classroom. 

Part of the school yard. 

At HAFF, I will get the incredible opportunity to partner with Haitian teachers and teach English at BTI. Haitians take such pride in their work and want to speak English to the very best of their ability. As an American I will try to give them every advantage in English speaking  I can. The affordable education BTI provides is a huge advantage to Haitian students. Generations of students have gone through BTI and are giving back in Haiti and I'm going to introduce two to you!

This is Ronald. 

I met Ronald on my second trip to Haiti in December of 2010 and had a sweet reunion in June of 2011. Ronald went to school at HAFF (but graduated from a different HS in nearby Hinche). The missionaries at HAFF remember him being a joy to have in class. Now, Ronald works for The 410 Bridge and is working to give Haiti a brighter future! I am lucky to call him a friend. 

This is Pastor George.

George also went to school at BTI. After attending university, George returned to the Central Plateau and has planted a church. George is now married and his wife is expecting a baby very soon! I love seeing George pour back into the community that raised him. 

This is Keith and Heidi with George. 

Last July, during my visionary trip to HAFF, Keith and Heidi were also visiting from Florida. After spending time with and attending George's church, they wanted to stay connected. Now, they are staying connected with George and helping him as he continues to build his church. 

These men are just two examples of Haitians taking the gift of education and giving back to Haiti. Like so many Haitians, Ronald and George want to see their country prosper - and I am so grateful that organizations like HAFF contribute to this - and that now, God has called me to be a part of that work!

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