Sunday, March 27, 2011

13.1 miles later...

Happy Sunday friends! What a week it was.
I got real stressed mid week. I took a day off to get life in order. Best decision I've made in ages.
But, let's go back to last weekend.

This sweet friend got married. My walk with Christ and my Samford experience wouldn't have been the same without her. More of a blessing than she'll ever know. Plus, who doesn't love a father-daughter line dance?!

After carb loading at the Snyder-Fowler wedding, I woke up at 4am on Sunday to go for a run.
A 13.1 mile run.
Loved it (really, I did). There is something to be said for adrenaline. and runners high.
When's the next race?

Such an accomplishment that I couldn't have done without the support of so many sweet friends! Thank you!!!

It's one more work week and then spring break for me. I'm packing my bags and headin' to Dallas, Texas. My cowboy boots are ready and waiting!


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