Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so you think you wanna ______?

I knew this would happen. Knew it.
That aside, it's still kind of blindsiding me.

Tell people you're thinking you want to do long term mission work. They'll mostly tell you that maybe you don't.
It's never mean. It's usually indirect.
These are smart (Godly) people. They know better than you. They are trying to help.
After similar conversations with several smart people though, it wears you down.

The hoops you have to jump through are unbelievable.
I am exhausted already. And I just started.
I'm not even going yet. There is nowhere to go. Nothing to do (unbelievable).

Which brings up my next subject.
Being asked what you want to do in this ravaged 3rd World country.
What can you offer? What do you see yourself doing in Haiti?

Well heck if I know.
I want to HELP.
Let me tell you the skills I have then you (who are smarter than I) can help me figure out where to go.
That's they way I would do it.
It's not the way they do it.

I get it. It's the process. It's self discovery. It's a journey God has put me on.
He never said it would be easy.
So it's hard.
and at this moment I am fed up.
I'll get over it.
I still trust the people who are smarter than I am. I am grateful for each one of them in my life. This wild goose chase has led me to great places...albeit difficult places.
It's one email after another.
Nice emails. Nice people.
God is moving.
This is new though. I've never felt God move like this. It's so different.

All that matters right now though is that God is moving.
I'm going to move with Him.
Even when I have to be pushed.

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  1. I'm so proud of you! God has given you such a passion for people and for mission work, it takes a very special person for that. Praying for you!