Sunday, March 25, 2012

deye mon gen mon

'Behind mountains there are more mountains.'

I just finished reading the story of Dr. Paul Farmer - a brilliant doctor deeply invested in the Central Plateau of Haiti. This book gave me insight to my future home. It made my heart beat faster for Haiti. It saddened me. It energized me. Paul Farmer loves Haiti - the words to describe his love for Haiti sound as if they could pour right from my own heart. There are so many lessons to hold onto from Dr. Farmers journey but towards the end I found a global lesson. What the author discovers is that with time Farmer learns to transmit his anger over the deep poverty of the third world into a dream of ending the disparities. 
We can be angry. We can feel a justifiable anger. We cannot just be angry. We must transmit that anger into action and we must continue to do so until the very end. Because 'deye mon gen mon'.

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